Parking Inventory Control Solution

Efficiently manage operational movements of keys, cars and people within valet parking.

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Arrivals Processing

GO-PLAN integrates with your booking system to personalize customer arrivals, enabling fast check-in through a tablet app, which also offers upselling options.

Vehicle Condition Capture System

High-definition images and videos are captured on arrival using a vehicle condition system, ensuring a smooth entry and providing evidence for any damage claims.

Operations Monitoring and Reporting

GO-PLAN’s reporting module offers operational transparency, aiding in resource management, cost control, and providing insights for continuous improvement.

Vehicle Storage Planning

Smart-storage planning maximizes space utilization, especially during peak times, with a manual override option and integration with the vehicle/driver tracking system.

Returns Processes

GO-PLAN’s comprehensive system ensures efficient vehicle returns, with options for key returns and quick resolution of damage claims through recorded vehicle conditions.

Key Management and Storage

Car keys are efficiently tagged with RFID and barcodes upon arrival, stored securely in a smart box, and tracked in real-time, linking to the driver tracking system.

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