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Discover the ready-to-implement solutions to accelerate car logistics and track the flow of your operations.

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Vehicle Logistics and Productivity

Discover our complex vehicle logistics and productivity tracking system used by the largest car rental centers in Europe. Eliminate manual work and track all your processes in just one application.

AI Based Damage Detection

Detect post-rental damages easily with no human involvement thanks to AI-based detection. Collect photos and evidence, transfer them to GO and build a full vehicle documentation.

Parking Inventory Control Solution

Efficiently manage operational movements of keys, cars and people within valet parking.


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Welcome to Assured Technologies, the dynamic execution team operating under Assured Europe—a globally recognized group committed to revolutionizing fleet management solutions.

At Assured Technologies, we harness a rich pool of IT expertise combined with our practical, operational experience to conceive and cultivate cutting-edge systems. Our focus is on seamlessly integrating automation and AI into related logistics processes, ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation.

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